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Wholesale jewelry store from
Kaliningrad amber


Dear buyers!

We tried to make our wholesale online store as convenient and easy to use. However, if You have something you didn't or you experience any difficulties with your order, we are always ready to help You. You can call us or write, and to use the feedback form in the Contact section.
How to order
1. The organization directory.  All products are available for order, see the Directory where they are grouped. Groups written in bold brown font. Under the group name, in blue, are the subgroups that belong to this group. Clicking the left mouse button on a group name will show the goods from all subgroups included in this group. Thus they will be sorted in the first place - by subgroup (type of product) and the second on price. You can change the sort order using the appropriate control links. If You want to view items from only one subgroup, you can visit the directory click the left mouse button on its name or select the subgroup from the drop-down list of the product in the upper left corner in the view mode the category. By default, the page displays all products included in this group (subgroup). If You want to view products parts - You can click on the link to Page for paging products.
2. The item card.  Clicking the left mouse button on a product image - opens the item card.Each product has its own SKU on the item card only shows the code of the product, that is the last 4 digits. Naprimer bracelet with the article 310081685208520 in the product card shows only his code 8520. Products of the same color with the same cipher is shown in one item card. However, they may differ in weight, size and accordingly cost. Each product has its own photo. Clicking on a small photo of the product on the right - You will see a larger picture of this product on the left. If the product is to buy a set of different categories of goods, the goods will be shown in the bottom left of the item card. The default catalog of the product card shows the product with the lowest price.
3. Add product to cart.  A product to the cart you can add as the pages of the catalog and from the item card. To add products from the catalog page it is necessary to put ticks around your favorite products and then click on the button marked Add to basket at the top right or bottom of the page. The basket will be added on one piece of goods marked lowest price from the item card. For example, beads with cipher 1900 has a size of 40 cm and costs 700 rubles., 45 cm at the price of 750 rubles. and 50 cm at a price 800 RUB. After You put a checkmark in the box next to these beads and press the Add button marked in the basket, the beads with code 1900 a length of 40 cm at a price of 700 rubles in the quantity 01 PCs will be added to the cart. If necessary, You can then, opening the basket, change the quantity, size, weight chosen products.To add products to cart from the item card, it is necessary to set the number of necessary products in the appropriate box of the card and click add to cart.
4. Work with the shopping cart. Once You have added all the required items to the cart, You need to go to the ordering procedure. To do this, click on the proceed to Checkout button, sevaks or the link to Go to the basket page on the left. You will be taken to the shopping Cart where You can change the number of products ordered. Clicking on the product number (here it is already displayed in its entirety, not just the code) or an icon will open a product card, where You can change the product characteristics (weight, size, length, price or quantity. After all the changes and finished with the basket, don't forget to click the Recalculate button. next You need to choose the payment Method, payment method and shipping Method, then click the Order button.