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Wholesale jewelry store from
Kaliningrad amber

About company

The company "Russian Amber" carries out realization of decorations and Souvenirs from the Kaliningrad amber for over 10 years. Our clients include various companies and individuals from virtually all regions of Russia and some regions abroad. All these years, we carefully study market demand and offer on the entire range of products from amber. We have extensive experience in the implementation of the amber jewelry and Souvenirs made of amber.

Fashion is changing, but the interest in amber is only growing, our range of ornaments is constantly updated. Today we are able to offer our retail and wholesale customers a large variety of beads of amber, amber bracelets, amber pendants, amber poset and earrings, brooches and sets amber rings amber. The performance of these ornaments are diverse, it may be amber decoration no frame, amber in silver, amber in silver, amber gold.

Amber beads are in a variety of categories – this "treatment" raw beads, not further worked than semi processed mechanically, with the use of modern technology and processed manually (which, respectively, affects the pricing). They also come in a variety of shapes and colors. A large number of amber beads in our stores are exclusive. Our range of Souvenirs made of amber has more than 1,000 different products: keychains, figurines, vases, Zodiac signs, hair clips, stationary devices, cigarette holders, business card holders, and much more.

In our shops you can always choose a gift for your beloved woman, child, man.

As a gift to a dear woman and girl you can present earrings made of amber, amber beads, ring with amber, necklace from amber, amber bracelet, and can be directly set from amber: earrings and ring bracelet amber bracelet and amber beads, necklace and earrings amber necklace and bracelet from amber, hair pin with amber and many others yantarnye jewelry. And all this can be rimless in silver and in gold, according to your desire. A large selection of products as classical and fashion, youth trends. Gorgeous earrings and rings made of amber in a silver setting handmade. However, any gift made of amber would be accepted with gratitude and appreciated. A variety of shapes, colors and shades of amber, a wide range of prices creates more opportunities for your choice.

Any woman will prianto to receive a gift mirror decorated with amber, the amber box. Mirror you can buy round, square, big, small, for any taste. Boxes available ranging from tiny to spacious in size, from the simplest to the handmade box, decorated with carving and inlay. Great, unusual looks decorative vest of amber, amber cap. An original gift is a pendant made of amber, which can be used as a brooch.

Men can give amber backgammon, chess amber, a lighter, decorated with amber mouthpiece of amber, a pipe of amber from amber keychain, business card case, tie clip, cufflinks, cigarette case, decorated with amber, etc.

You can choose a gift not only to family and friends, it can be a gift to a friend, colleague, boss - chess amber, amber craft, stationery, Desk accessories made of amber, flask, decorated with amber, amber picture.

Also you can give a souvenir of a long memory – TIC amber beads of amber, icons, and pictures of amber. The gift can be designed for any taste and budget - from inexpensive tokens to the exclusive and expensive things.

Among our amber paintings is a unique work, made from pieces, chips and solid amber stones, including with the use of threads. All icons made of amber manufactured in Sofrino p. and consecrated. Special attention deserves the utensils of amber, made with application of modern technologies. This tea and coffee sets, glasses, cups and saucers of extraordinary beauty. In our shops presented of the stack and the amber glasses, amber glassware sets.

Magically can change the interior of your apartment table lamp from the amber, illuminating all around warm amber, cozy light. You can choose from many options of these products.

A few words about cosmetics from amber.

Amber peeling mask from crushed amber is fundamentally different from all modern cosmetic products, methods of recovery, rejuvenation and skin tightening for the neck and face. In contrast to all these methods, the peel off mask not only eliminates the consequences of aging skin of the face and neck (wrinkles, drooping skin, pigmentation, etc.), but also affects the cause of aging of the skin, normalizes the energetic processes, like intracellular and organ and tissue levels.

Scrub cosmetic crushed amber) is a natural, crushed into powder, a special patented method Kaliningrad amber. The action of this tool was similar to a miracle. The size of several microns) particles of fossilized resin, interacting with the warmth of the human body, release a huge number of free electrons. This powerful energy flow restores the skin, smoothes wrinkles, enriches it with oxygen, tones and normalizes metabolic processes.

In our stores you will find jewelry for every taste, from inexpensive tokens to exclusive VIP gift

We wish you successful purchases, gifts that will delight You and Your loved ones.